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Believe and Achieve Mentoring supports the mentoring relationship from a volunteer to a child at the school.  The match has lunch together every week on the same day, if possible, at the school. Whatever you enjoy talking about or doing, odds are you’ll enjoy it even more with your lunch buddy—and you’ll be making a life-changing impact.

We are always looking for volunteers to help at our events, become Board Members, or to be a mentor.  Whether you get involved as a volunteer or as a donor, we welcome and thank you for your support!

Being a mentor is one of the most enjoyable things you’ll ever do. Not to mention, one of the most fulfilling. You have the opportunity to help shape a child’s future for the better by empowering him or her to achieve.  

National and local studies show that children who have role models are more likely to improve in school and in their relationships with family and friends, and less likely to skip school or use illegal drugs or alcohol. Students who are successful in school are less likely to drop out, abuse drugs or commit crimes. In fact, the success of children enrolled in a mentoring program was proven in a nationwide randomized studyers are more confident in their schoolwork performance, able to get along better with their families, 46% less likely to begin using illegal drugs, 27% less likely to begin using alcohol, and 52% less likely to skip school. 

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