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Where are all the Monopoly players??? B.A.M. will be holding a Monopoly Tournament on Sunday June 12th. This is a fun way to help B.A.M. be a part of the Bicentennial festivities to get our name out there during such a busy month in Henry County. 

With our growth, getting into 6 schools for next school year we need volunteers to help metnor our youth. Help us make this Monopoly tournament a success!!! Let's get B.A.M's name out there and find volunteers.

Information on the tournament is below. Please let me know if you have any questions. Contact me for pre-registration information.

MONOPOLY TOURNAMENT to benefit Believe and Achieve Mentoring June 12, 2022 Become a Railroad Baron Park for FREE Bankrupt your friends and neighbors| Go to Jaill And maybe collect $200- or more! Come to the BAM Monopoly Tournament to benefit Believe and Achieve Mentoring! All proceeds go to support the youth of Henry County. You can help and have fun at the same time! Registration starts at 9:30 AM, and game play begins at 10 AM sharp on Sunday, June 12. There is one division and there is no age limit*.There are cash prizes for the top four finishers, and first prize is $200. Registration for adults is $50.



● 3-round tournament

● First two rounds are 90 minutes in length.

● All players play the first two rounds.

● Players who play together in the first round will not play together in the second round.

● The top four players (only) advance to the 3rd, championship round.

● Championship round will be up to 120 minutes.

• There is no lower age limit, but each player must play on his/her own. Young players may not be coached or advised during game play by parents, guardians, etc. Also, We play by the classic rules that come with the box. You can view the rules online at


In addition, please note these EMCC tournament rules:

● Each player must keep his money on the table. It does not have to be spread out, you don't have to disclose how much you have, but you cannot hide your money

● You may not give or ask for advice during game play. Naturally, you may point out the benefits or drawbacks of a trade in which you personally are involved, or a trade you want to be involved in: that is considered negotiation, not advice

● It is the responsibility of the property owner to demand rent when due. If the owner does not notice that rent is due, you may not remind them. Freeloading, squatting--whatever you want to call it-is a legitimate part of the game.

● Players are not guaranteed an equal number of turns. At time limit, only the player whose turn it will complete his/her turn. If the dice have been passed before the buzzer sounds, then that player must complete his/her turn. In either case, the last player must complete their turn, including any doubles rolls, pay all rents and/or fines, collect all salaries and/or rewards as the game instructs

● Once the Chance and Community Chest cards are shuffled and in place, their order may not be changed even if one is accidentally revealed out of sequence

● Trades that take place during a turn must involve the player whose turn it is. Player A and Player B may not transact a trade in the middle of Player C's turn which may affect the outcome of Player C's turn.

● If two or more players want to buy houses during a *housing shortage, the banker may auction the houses. Bidders must announce how many houses they desire prior to the start of the auction. The highest bidder receives the houses for his/her highest bid.

● Thrown dice must land on the board. One or more die landing off the board must be thrown again. A thrown die landing on the Chance or Community Chest cards is legal if it is fully upright. A cocked die or a dice off the board--but only the dice or die affectedmust be thrown again.

● In any instance not covered here, a player may appeal to the banker for a ruling. If the banker cannot satisfactorily resolve a controversy, appeal may then be made to the tournament judge. The tournament judge will render each decision in the spirit of fair play and good sportsmanship, and the judge's decision will be final. Being mindful that this event is a fundraiser for a good cause, each player agrees to adhere to both stated rules and the judge's decision.


None of these "house" rules will be used in tournament play:

● Getting- money when you land-of-free-Parking - Free Parking is a space on which nothing happens, there is no reward for landing on it. ● Not-being-allowed-to-buy-anything-unity-pass-GO-for-the-first-time. You may buy the first property you land on whether or not you have passed GO.

● Getting $400 for-landing on GO - Whether you land on, or pass GO, you only get $200. including building houses, collecting rent, and trading property.

● property you land-on-but-don't-want-to-buy-stays-in-the-bank- If you don't want to buy a property, it is immediately sold at auction to the highest bidder. The person who didnot buying it in the first place may still bid in the auction. ● Rent-immunity - You cannot bargain for future consideration. Trade for cash and property only, not what you will or will not do in the future. ● Bargein for- incentives outside the scope -of-the-game - For example, you cannot offer to buy dinner for someone if they make a trade with you.


● Players will add up their total assets (Cash + Properties + Buildings) at the end of each round.

● Bankers at each table should verify totals.

● A player's score for each round will be the percentage of the total game assets rounded to the nearest tenth, without the decimal point. For example: Anna wins with $4,600. Ben had $3,800. Carolyn had $2,210. David went bankrupt. The sum of all assets in this game was $10,610. Anna's percentage of the game's assets is 43.355%, so her score would be 434.

● Win bonus: Players with a score of 500 or more will receive a 250-point "win bonus." This is to encourage enterprising, energetic game play. However, a player's maximum score for any round will be capped at 1000. If a player wins and bankrupts all opponents at his / her table, no bonus will be added.

● The four players with the highest aggregate score will advance to the championship table.

● Tie breakers for the championship round:

● First tie breaker- game time: If two players are tied on score, the player winning in the shortest the amount of time will advance. So play fast!

● Second tie breaker--total assets: If two players are tied on score and completion time is within 5 minutes of each other, then total assets will be used as a tie breaker. So win BIG!


Prizes: $200 first prize $150 second prize $50 third prize

Schedule: 9:30 AM-Registration 9:50 AM-Players must be seated. 10:00 AM-Round 1 begins sharply at 10:00 AM 11:30 AM-Round 2 begins. 1:30 PM-Championship Round begins. 3:00 PM-Tournament concludes.

Cost: $50 registration

Officiating: Duke Hamm will serve as judge

Monopoly Tournament

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